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Looking through an 'ugahari' viewfinder for all to see.

Meine Meinung #2

Die Situation in meinem Heimatland sieht etwas anders als in Deutschland aus. In Indonesien ist der demografische Wandel auch ein Thema. Aber im Gegenteil ist die Geburtenrate höher als in … Continue reading

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Meine Meinung #1

Über das Thema Erreichbarkeit wird heutzutage viel diskutiert, denn während der Pandemie wird direkter Kontakt zwischen den Leuten eingeschränkt. Als eine Mitarbeiterin beobachte ich oft, dass viele Leute noch von … Continue reading

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Things are Gonna be Different for a While

A-yo, people! How’s life? I bet you’ve been vaccinated against COVID-19 at least once or maybe even experienced the disease itself. Either way I hope you guys can still get … Continue reading

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First COVID-19 Vaccine Shot: Check!

This has been a highly-anticipated event since the beginning of 2021. I thought I would have to wait a little longer but in fact, I finally got jabbed with the … Continue reading

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(Im)Balanced by Nature and Nurture

When I was a kid, I learned how to ride a bicycle. At first, it was difficult for both of my feet to pedal properly. I also fell off my … Continue reading

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Coronavirus, Chloe Ting, and Carpal-Tunnel Syndrome

Does anyone recognise my blog’s new look? Do the polka dots remind you of the thing that globally generates significant amount of media coverage and discussion in year 2020? If … Continue reading

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My Journey with Rata Clear Aligner

My modern-day jaw (read: narrow) has failed to provide enough space for my entire teeth. For years, my teeth are overcrowding. It might be not so good aesthetically but it … Continue reading

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(No Need to) Wake Me up When September Ends (6)

Somebody told me once, “You can always follow the river to find me.” The only problem is, which river? Haha talking about rivers, we’ve finally arrived at Rotte river, which … Continue reading

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(No Need to) Wake Me up When September Ends (5)

Yo, have a gorgeous new year, everyone! There have been four blog posts from my trip to Europe in September and now I’m writing the fifth one. So I totally … Continue reading

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(No Need to) Wake Me up When September Ends (4)

Most people might travel to the Netherlands to see the famous colourful tulips. The ornamental bulbous plant, however, should thank Carolus Clusius for its fame. Back in 1952, the doctor-cum-botanist … Continue reading

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