Farewell in Black

Hi! How is the weather recently? Looks like the heat wave is currently very happy to stay here in Indonesia. 😀

It is July already. It’s been almost a month since final exam. It was the last final exam I’ve been through at the polytechnic, the place I’ve been spending part of my time at, to study accounting. But it won’t take any longer because we are going to be graduated soon! And some of the “we” I mentioned before refers to:

my classmates!

This picture was taken after first day of exam. The dress code was black. But looks like some of us has different interpretation about that colour, hohoho.

I have spent two years in the same class with them. Boring and practical at the same time, this campus divides the students into permanent classes for an academic year. But if remixing considered unnecessary, we will remain in the same class for another year, and so on until graduation. I won’t blame you if you think it really sounds like a school, because it is true.

We are now on day off and still preparing ourselves for the final-paper defence. There are four choices of time. Every student who has been ready can take the first turn. For those who has not been ready, well, there are three more chances. To be underlined, having finished your final paper doesn’t directly makes you ready. There are procedures.

You know what? Accounting department usually conducts earlier final exam than the other departments. It is quite puzzling how we have to be the hindmost in terms of final-paper defence. Oh come on, this is unfair…. 😮

However, it is only about time that we will be graduated. I am wishing all the best for us!


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