Leaving on Bu Susi’s Airplane, Visiting Bu Susi’s House

Susi Pudjiastuti is my idol. Quite surprising how this year I could both fly with the Cessna Grand Caravan and stay at the guesthouse of hers in Pangandaran. It was not a vacation, actually. I went there to accompany my sister. So let’s just call it a family’s short trip. Woohoo! 😀

We departed from Halim Perdanakusuma Airport in the morning. Susi Air has its own gate where its passengers proceed to board the aircraft. No need to worry about long queue because each aircraft of this kind can only load 12 passengers maximum. There is no such thing as baggage because every luggage was placed inside the cabin with us.

There were three passenger’s seats  at the rearmost. Three rows of single passenger’s seat on the left and double passenger’s seats on the right. Aaaaand, two pilot seats in the front which we could see clearly. Every instruction was given by the pilots themselves. Even they could turn back, smile at, and thumb to us. Yippie, it feels like a real flight!

I felt like a small object in the air. A little bit nervous at the beginning, but then calmer after seeing the beautiful sky. Sorry I did not take any picture for I am an obedient passenger. I always automatically turn on my cellphone before boarding. 😀 Only 60 minutes after taking off, we landed safely on Nusawiru. Nusawiru is a small and not crowded airport. The transportation to the Susi Air’s head office was provided by Susi Air itself, of course with some extra charge.

Susi Air’s head office is a wide area consisting of the office, pilot training centre, guesthouse, lobster processing site, and of course Bu Susi’s house. The guesthouse is located at the front. After putting our luggage at the room, we walked to the dining room. The staff told us that it was Bu Susi’s own dining room. There, we enjoyed home-cooked meals with the special dish: lobsterrr!

Green trees, fresh air, pond with no mosquito, lunch lunch lunch!

I mentioned earlier about the pilot training centre. It is a place where Susi Air pilots, mostly expats, are trained. It was really exciting to see the place. Lucky you, guys, because I took some pictures so I can show you how it looked like. Check these out!

No food or drink, okay? This is a flight simulator. It simulates various conditions of a flight. We were so excited!

When the sun went down and before the day got dark, it’s time to go to Pangandaran beach! It’s only a few steps away from Susi Air’s head office. People did some activities there such as surfing, playing volleyball, chattering, or just walking on the sand.

Pangandaran, West Java, captured with phone camera.

See you on the next post! 🙂


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