Inhale 2016, Exhale 2015

Hi, world! This blog has been lying dormant for months. Now it rises up again right before 2016. I intend to pay off my liabilities in blogging for year 2015, wherein I still have story worth being posted. So before it’s way too late, chop chop!

Still around my previous trips to East Java and Bali, I’d like to tell about bridges and Buddhist monastery. What a coincidence that I visited bustling bridge and quiet Buddhist monastery either in East Java or Bali.

Let’s talk about East Java first. I bet you all have heard of Suramadu bridge, haven’t you? Yup, that is a bridge which connects Surabaya and Madura in East Java. The bridge is very beautiful at night with the lights turned on. However it wasn’t less beautiful in the daylight when I was passing through it. As a toll road, it provides a track for motorcycles besides car.

A few kilometers away, stood a Buddhist monastery called Vihara Dhammadipa Arama in Batu, Malang. There, I met Bhante Khantidaro. He talked about three important things in life:  jamu, jati, and jaran which means jaga mulut, jaga hati, and jaga pikiran. Don’t be lazy, Google Translate is only clicks away in case you don’t understand. 😛


Heading east, there is Bali. Bali has a toll road named Bali Mandara. It connects Benoa, Ngurah Rai, and Nusa Dua. If by chance you travel to Bali by plane, you might be amazed by the curves of this toll road seen from the air. Cool!

Many many hours away to north, precisely in Singaraja, the Buddhist monastery I visited was Brahmavihara Arama. It has many stairs with words written on each step. Perhaps it would be a little bit tiring, but it’s worth the magnificence.


Anywaaay, it’s only thirty minutes left of 2015! Have you guys prepared your good intentions for 2016? I hope so and I wish you a very happy new year!




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