Before I enter the working world, I’ve never got any invitation to play bowling. I am also not the least interested into bowling. But last month I said yes to an invitation to go bowling. It was an Abschiedbowling, German way to say farewell bowling.

So I went bowling with my colleagues, or maybe seniors, for I am currently the youngest among them. The bowling arena is located in South Jakarta, quite nearby the office. It’s a humble bowling arena with quite oldie facilities. Also, it’s not really crowded. I guess it’s because nowadays bowling is not trending anymore.

Once we get in, I recognized the very distinctive sound of bowling ball bumping on its track. It’s loud, which indicates that the ball is heavy. Oh nooo, I worried about my little fingers to get hurt. 😛

Each game was divided into 10 turns for each players, maximum four players. I tried to lift each bowling ball and found those which are light enough for my little fingers. Guess what! I eventually played. I got the fourth turn, surely without any ambition to make a strike.

Hohoho, it’s mee and my bowling poses!

Then, there came my turn. With the very limited knowledge (thank you Google and other players there) and totally zero experience in bowling, I carefully played. Hold the ball, step step step, focus on the track, swing it! Woohoo, I played in a just-for-fun way (read: wrong way). Yet I can’t lie, bowling’s enjoyable. But it needs big energy, so it seems more suitable for men or youngsters. 😀 After bowling, we had dinner. Nice way to recharge the energy.

Anyway, let me introduce you to the team.

P.S.: Go bowling with long nail is not recommended. I broke one nail, lucky me it wasn’t bleeding.

Happy holiday!


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