The Breezy Bandung

Quite crazy how routine, work, commuting, and so on, could keep me busy till I abandon this blog. Anyhow, I come back! Holaaaaa!

Unique, cozy!

Last month I went to Bandung. As mentioned in the title, it’s a breezy city in West Java. Usually Jakartans (people who live in Jakarta) go there to spend weekend. It’s possible to reach Bandung by car, airplane, train, etc. And so, I prefer train because it’s fast, comfortable, and economical.

No one has to worry about accommodation in Bandung. It’s because this city has various kinds of accommodation. Various locations, various facilities, various prices. As always, I have made a booking in advance. I consider my budget, the facilities, the location, and also the fact that I am still young. So a minimalist accommodation’s acceptable. Let me show you the room with Scandinavian concept which I’ve chosen. Everything about the room was good except that the lighting was not enough for reading. And sadly, people were permitted to smoke outside the room. In fact, the smoke’s able to sneak into the rooms.

The breezy city offers many places to visit. One thing I like the most about Bandung is the contoured land. It makes a fancy eatery seems like a tourist attraction. I don’t know if it’s just me, but it’s nearly impossible to find the similar one in Jakarta.

A fancy eatery in Ciumbuleuit area.

Only few kilometers away, there is this area called Lembang, which is more popular as tourist destination. I visited Farmhouse, Floating Market, a mall namely Paris Van Java, and street-food area called Sudirman Street. At Farmhouse, people can drink milk, eat, go sightseeing, buy cookies or trinkets, and of course take photos. At Floating Market people usually eat in the middle of nice scenery, whilst kids can also feed the fishes. Paris Van Java is a mall just like the others. And at Sudirman Street, people can find sooo many yummy foods. With my friends, I shared a regular-sized pork martabak. And trust me, it’s delicious. 😛

This photo was taken at Floating Market. The lake’s full of big healthy fishes. But it doesn’t make the place smells fishy.

Those things put “visiting Bandung again (or maybe regularly)” in my to-do list. Most of all, I really adore the extraordinary wind breeze.


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